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  • 12/12/2003

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  • 12/12/2003

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  • Synopsis :

    1)  Singapore: A new Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) line called Circle Line, will bypass the city centre to cut down on travel time to the suburban areas. 10 new stations will be in operation in seven years. (00:02:48)

    2)  Singapore: The Principal of Fairfield Methodist Primary School and her son drowned while on vacation in Krabi. (00:05:50)

    3)  Singapore: Tiger Airways can help stimulate economic growth, attract more tourists and create jobs. (00:07:51)

    4)   China: 14 Chinese are accused of organizing a sex orgy involving 400 Japanese tourists and 5 000 Chinese prostitutes in China. The court trial may strain diplomatic ties between China and Japan as the event caused an uproar over anti-Japanese sentiment.  (00:09:42)

    5)  World minute: Japan and Southeast Asia signed the Tokyo Declaration to create an East Asian community held together by free trade agreements. (00:11:12)

    6)  World minute: United States (US) has conducted a successful missile interception test over the Pacific Ocean as part of the US next generation missile defense shield. The test is designed to evaluate system surveillance function. (00:11:48)

    7)  Singapore: Biometric security, which uses finger print identification and a four digit pin, is available to homes and offices in Do-it-Yourself (DIY) kits. (00:16:18)

    8)  Singapore minute: Singapore researchers developed a hydrogen powered, fuel cell scooter which can run 40km/hr for 2.5 hours on a full tank. The by-products of the eco-friendly scooter are heat and pure water. (00:18:07)

    9)  Singapore minute: New batches of flu vaccines have arrived in Singapore and Singaporeans are flocking to have their flu jabs. This was despite the higher cost of the new stock which is 10% to 30% higher. (00:18:41)

    10)  Business: NatSteel's President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) resigned after a failed management buyout less than a year ago. (00:19:18)

    11)  Business: Water treatment specialist Hyflux may issue new shares next year or early 2005. The size of the issue will depend on the cost of building Singapore's first desalination plant and whether Hyflux is able to secure more contracts.  (00:19:41)

    12)  Business: Singapore Airlines (SIA) is adding more flights to meet increased holiday demand. There will be an additional 144 services with bigger planes on popular routes. (00:19:59)

    13)  Sports: Singapore clinched three more gold medals in the 22nd Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in silat's tanding event (under 90kg), shooting (double-trap individual) and women's table tennis. The shooting event is Singapore's first gold in shooting in Vietnam.  (00:24:12)

    14)  Sports: Valencia beat Maccabi Haifa 4-0 in the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Cup. (00:26:51)

    15)  Sports: Final 16 teams in the Champions League. Real Madrid versus Bayern Munich, Manchester United versus Porto, Chelsea versus VfB Stuttgart, AC Milan versus Sparta Prague, Juventus versus Deportivo La Coruna. The first knockout round is on February 24 and 25. Second round is scheduled on March 9 and 10. (00:27:43)

    16)  Sports: Michael Schumacher races with Euro fighter jet Typhoon from the Italian air force in Italy. Schumacher won the first of the three races. (00:28:23)

    17)  United States: A 20-metre Christmas tree lights up outside the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. The tree, with its 10 000 lights and handmade ornaments, is from Idaho. (00:29:03)

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