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1. How do I obtain a reproduction of the audiovisual recordings?

Unless otherwise stated, all recordings are subjected to reproduction approval from copyright sources. NAS may in most cases, but not always, be able to provide contacts for the user to seek permission for reproduction and usage directly from the individual sources or copyright owners. For recordings featuring high profile government officials, additional approval for reproduction has to be sought from the respective Press Secretaries. Once written permission has been obtained from the sources or copyright owners, a copy of the approval has to be provided to NAS for verification.

Reproduction is generally limited to 25% of a programme's total duration. In order to facilitate the reproduction of audiovisual recordings, users are required to select the time codes from the recordings and provide brief description or information (e.g. the first and last few words of an audio extract) about the clip to be reproduced. Video extracts will be reproduced based on the embedded time codes displayed at the top of the screen. For recordings without embedded time codes such as sound recordings and digital files, please use the time code shown on the playback equipment and indicate clearly in the request that the time codes are taken from the playback equipment.

Where NAS does not hold reproduction rights to the recordings e.g. audiovisual recordings belonging to overseas archival institutions and some private collections, NAS will refer user to source owner for the reproduction.

Users may visit //www.nas.gov.sg/archivesonline/audiovisual_records/faq for guidelines on searching for and viewing audiovisual and sound recordings.

2. What is the cost of reproduction and usage of audiovisual recordings?

Formats1 Price2
(exclusive of 7% GST)
VIDEO ONLY Digitised video in MP4 S$ 68.60
Digitised video in broadcast quality format (MXF) S$ 229.21
AUDIO ONLY Digitised audio in MP3 S$ 56.03

1. Hard disk to be provided by requestor
2. Up to 30 minutes of recording/compilation
● Prices listed above may be reviewed from time to time.

In addition to the reproduction cost, an Archival and Administrative (AA) fee per recording, per usage is levied. Users commissioned by public offices on official activities are advised to produce the Commissioning Letter from the respective public office when placing reproduction orders.

Type 1
Archival and Administration Fee for non-commercial use at S$18.69 (exclusive of GST)
Type 2
Archival and Administration Fee for commercial use at S$600 (exclusive of GST)
Any other use not defined in Type 2 Archive Administration Fee For use in products that generate sales and revenue with the end-beneficiary being private companies/individuals.
For use within advertisements for private companies/individuals.

3. How long does it take for a reproduction order of audiovisual recording to be completed?

For any reproduction of an audiovisual recording, NAS is only providing the user with a limited license to use the reproduced clip for one specific purpose. The license does not allow the user to share, sell, use or reproduce or deal with the audiovisual clip except as specified in the NAS e-Request system. The user is advised to carefully read the terms and conditions stated in the NAS e-Request system.

Thus, NAS does not allow the reproduced or online clips on Archives Online or Audiovisual and Sound Recordings database to be shared with others, or distributed or uploaded onto the internet or any new media.

4. How should I acknowledge the usage of the audiovisual recording?

Please acknowledge NAS by showing credit line against every recording depicted in the final product or at the opening/closing credit roll. The credit line is in the following format, "Source Name, courtesy of National Archives of Singapore": e.g. for recordings copyrighted to Ministry of Education, the acknowledgement will be 'Source: Ministry of Education, courtesy of National Archives of Singapore'.

Users are to deposit 2 copies of the media of the final product 2 weeks from the date of production. The deposited copies will be made available for reference at the Archives Reading Room upon request by the public.

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