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1. How do I search for audiovisual recordings?

Users who are searching for audiovisual recordings only may start their search from the database of Audiovisual and Sound Recordings in our online finding aid, Archives Online at //www.nas.gov.sg/archivesonline/.

As a simple keyword search could yield too many search results, users may wish to refine the search using the Advanced Search page at //www.nas.gov.sg/archivesonline/audiovisual_records/advanced-search. Users can search for specific collections using the drop down menu in the Fonds/Collection field. For example, public service broadcast programmes produced by Singapore Broadcasting Corporation and its predecessors can be readily searched using “Singapore Broadcasting Corporation Fonds” while those produced by SPH MediaWorks Ltd will be listed if “SPH MediaWorks Ltd Fonds” is searched. The Advanced Search page also allows users to refine the search based on recording language or type (whether audiovisual or sound) or search for a recording created on a particular date, e.g. News 5 Tonight on 1 January 2012.

2. How do I listen to/view the audiovisual recordings?

After identifying the audiovisual recordings via Archives Online or Audiovisual and Sound Recordings database, users may request for access to the recordings. As not all recordings have readily available copies for access, users are advised to give advance notice of the recordings required and allow for 7- 10 days before visiting the Archives Reading Room (ARR). Where copyrights permit, NAS may also put 2 to 3 minutes, low resolution clips for online access. The full recordings, however, are to be consulted only in the ARR. For audiovisual recordings that require prior permission for access, viewing of/listening to the recordings is allowed only upon sighting of the written consent from source.

3. Can I upload the audiovisual reproductions on my social network sites?

For any reproduction of an audiovisual recording, NAS is only providing the user with a limited license to use the reproduced clip for one specific purpose. The license does not allow the user to share, sell, use or reproduce or deal with the audiovisual clip except as specified in the NAS e-Request system. The user is advised to carefully read the terms and conditions stated in the NAS e-Request system.

Thus, NAS does not allow the reproduced or online clips on Archives Online or Audiovisual and Sound Recordings database to be shared with others, or distributed or uploaded onto the internet or any new media.

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