Survey Map
electoral Division of Stamford
Map covers parts of divisions of Hong Lim, Bras Basah and Rochore fringing the electoral division of Stamford, showing the electoral divisions boundary, polling districts boundary, buildings, schools, theatres, roads, hotels, churches, Chinese temples, mosques, cemeteries, clubs, markets, playgrounds, bridges, piers, floating pier, government outdoor dispensary, Jewish Cemetery, Muslim Cemetery, Chettiars Temple, City Council Pumping Station, City Council Salt Water Pumping Station, Hammer and Company, Master Attendant's Pier, Clifford Pier, General Post Office, Fullerton Building, HongKong and Shanghai Bank, Chartered Bank, Bank of China, Dalhousie Monument, Civil District Court, Central Police Station, King George V Jubilee Park, Aquarium, Fort Canning, Capitol Theatre, Majestic Theatre, Jubilee Cinema, Odeon Theatre, Singapore Improvement Trust Office, Singapore River, City Council Offices, Esplanade Gardens, Adelphi Hotel, Meyer Mansion, Amber Mansion, British Council, Union Jack Club, Britannia Club, Oriental Telephone and Electricity Company, Cathay Building, Raffles Girls' School, Convent School, Nam Hwa Girls' School, Salvation Army Headquarters, Pulau Saigon and others
20120001573 - 0012
This is part of a set of 56 maps SP001039 to SP001094
Survey Department, Singapore
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electoral Division of Stamford

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