Survey Map
Federated Malay States, Taiping
Map showing road system, buildings, Asam Kumbang Road, Swettenham Road, F.M.S. Railways, Veterinary Hospital, Sungei Kota, Upper Station Road, Sungei Batu Tugoh, Botanical Gardens, Lakes, Secretary to Resident, Istana, Raja Rest House, Convent, Museum, Barracks, King Edward VII School, Perak Club, General Hospital, St Georges School, Main Road, Temple Street and others
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60010(1) c7335-04
Published by War Office,  First Edition in 1944
Geographical Section, General Staff, No. 4476

Produced under the Superintendence of Vice-Admiral Sir John Edgell, Hydrographer
Complied and Drawn by Inter-Service Topographical Department
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Federated Malay States, Taiping

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