BMA 48-45
Hawkers (Unrest of, Licences of, Site for Stall of, Identities of)
The Secretary for Chinese Affairs was attempting to clear the streets of unlicensed hawkers. There was also talk of limiting the number licenses issued, and confining venues of sale to certain streets only. This file contains correspondence documenting collective action by hawkers facing the prospect of losing their licenses, petitioning the government. The enterprising Chief Secretary of the Chinese Hawkers' Association attempted to ask if he could distribute the 10,000 licenses, taking a commission for each license distributed, collecting fees for the Chinese Affairs Secretariat, and set up a separate hawkers' association with the same name as the existing Chinese Hawkers' Association.
Several other hawker associations wrote in to plead their case and make suggestions for how the government should manage the hawker licenses.
NA 870
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