British Military Administration (BMA)
The abrupt end to the Japanese Occupation of Singapore in 1945 created economic and political problems because the British made no provision for the post-war administration of Singapore. The Colonial Office had to provide a suitable administrative structure for Malaya and Singapore. As an interim measure, a military-type government, the British Military Administration (BMA), was set up. It served as a temporary governing body for the region and provided the Colonial Office with a provisional administration for Malaya and Singapore until a more permanent structure of government could be formalised. Singapore became the Headquarters of the BMA under Lord Louis Mountbatten , the SUpreme Allied Commander who was in turn responsible to the Colonial Office in London.

Under its administration, priority was given to restoring public utilities, water, electricity and gas supplies. Other priorities included the re-opening of schools.

The BMA remained in force until April 1946; and Singapore reverted to civil administration.
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