NL 19-66 Pt 2 Vol 1
Young Peoples Services - Programme: Reports and Correspondence
Correspondence, programme reports and minutes of meeting on the various activities organised by the Young People's Service of the National Library. The service catered to the reading needs of the teenage members and also organised for them educational, cultural and recreational programmes. Activities were free and the speakers contributed their time pro bono.
Correspondence with/from external parties include:
- names, phone nos. and home addresses of a handwritten list of people on page 11 (not clear if they are organising committee members or students) - a few similar listings are found in vol 2 as well.
- correspondence which reflected unhappiness between students’ union and Institution of Engineers
- other correspondence from the public asking for advice (including a letter in Malay on how to write job application letters as he is unemployed), which may be personal to the person who may still be alive today.
Also contains evaluation of speakers, including a Malay speaker who quoted the Quran excessively when he spoke about silat as an art of self defence.
Oct 1973 - Jan 1974
AP 121
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