National Library (NL)
The National Library had its beginings in the 1823 when it was established as part of the Singapore Institution (now know as Raffles Institution). Following increasing calls to open the library beyong school hours, the Singapore Library was formed and opened on 22 January 1845 as a subscription library where members had to pay a monthly fee. In July 1874, the library was renamed Raffles Library and Museum with the addition of a local museum.
The Raffles National Libray Ordinance came into effect on 1 April 1958 and its enactment enabled the Library to provide a free public service for residents in Singapore. It was renamed the National Library under the Raffles National Library (Change of Name) Ordinance (No.66 of 1960) on 12 November 1960 with the relocation of the library to the new National Library building at Stamford Road.
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