NL 296-62 Vol 1
Minutes of Committee Meetings - Seminar on Youth
Contents are largely the Meeting Minutes of the YP Committee and Seminar on Youth Committee (preparations for a youth seminar).
1) YP Committee meeting minutes  - As early as 1966, National Library (NL) established a Committee on Work with Young People (abbreviated YP Committee), it was personally chaired by Director/NL until  May 1968. The Young People's service catered to 15-19 year olds, aimed at bridging the gap between the Children's and Adult Library.
In 1971, a  parallel Chinese YP Committee  was set up, and members also included teacher and student representatives..
The YP Committee held monthly meetings to assess book reviews for broadcast/publication in the internal publication, Teen Talk, radio talks or book talks, and plan programmes for young people either at NL or their schools. These activities included talks delivered by both staff and volunteers, holiday film shows, book exhibitions, handicraft sessions and visits to organisations. Other activities were a poster competition held in conjunction with National Book Development Council in support of the International Book Fair, a Chinese Oratorical Contest (in 1972), and tours of the harbour. In 1973, the Committee also designed a guideline on book review summary..  
2) Seminar on Youth Committee Notes of Meeting -The YP Committee also suggested organising a seminar for youths. A subcommittee on Seminar on Youth was set up and the committee members were drafted from both the public and private sectors - NL, Ministry of Education, YMCA,, Junior Chamber of Singapore. It was a 2-day seminar, to be held at NALTI. Proposed topics were  Culture and values, Educational and Job Opportunities, Youth and Authority, Social pressures, Youth and national goals, Youth and Community. In conjunction with the seminar, various agencies were also invited to participate in a Youth Fair (26 Feb - 4 Mar 72).
Correspondence with/from external parties include
- internal memo from staff to D/NL on YC Committee matters
- D/NL circular letters to schools on YP programmes
May 1966 - Jul 1973
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