NL 266-62 Vol 1
Public Relations - Programme
There are three volumes in this file series (NLB 266/62  -Public Relations - Programmes Volumes 1, 2 and 4) recording the events/activities conducted by National Library (NL). Vol 1 includes the preparations made for formal functions as well as school vacation activities for children during the months of May,June, September, and December and national holidays like Hari Raya, Christmas and special celebrations like Children's Day
1) Formal functions - opening of SE Asian Room and Queenstown Library, inauguration of the mobile library service (with a tribute to Priscilla Taylor, Library Director),  and book presentations to National Library (NL) with Minister for Culture officiating. A book presentation of 1,000 titles from Dr Carl Alexander Gibson-Hill's curated collection by Mrs Loke Yew  in the name of the late Loke Wan Tho, an ardent supporter of the Library.
2) Activities for children - Programmes for children organised by NL at main library; Contains correspondence with embassies on a Christmas concert. Programme reports are also included. Includes coordination with France Consulate for Philippe Genty puppet show.
Jan 1963 - Nov 1974
AP 110
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