Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI)
The Ministry of Communications was renamed the Ministry of Communication and Information on January 1985. It took over some of the functions of the Ministry of Communications and the information division of the dissolved Ministry of Culture. It was again renamed the Ministry of Communications in January 1991 until 3 June 1999 when it became known as the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Its functions included the promotion and co-ordination of activities and agencies concerned with the provision of land, sea and air transport;  and postal, telecommunications and telephone service; The Information division under the MCI dealt with the government's overall public relations and publicity activities. Subjects which came under its purview include local and overseas information and press services, newspapers, printing, licences for printing presses, the control of film exhibitions and undesirable publications including video cassettes. It also sought to develop Singapore as a modern communication centre as well as publicized and put across government policies and programmes both in Singapore and abroad.

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