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Foreign Secret Cons. 4 Mar 1825 No. 12 - Letter from J Crawfurd, Resident of Singapore, to G Swinton, Secretary to the Government, Fort William regarding British rights over the Settlement of Rhio under the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1824. Crawfurd points out that under Article 10 of the treaty, Rhio, situated on Bintang and originally a dependency of Malacca, should be a British possession. However, Article 12 of the Treaty prevents the British from forming a British settlement on Bintang or entering 'into political relations with the Chiefs of all the islands lying South of the Straits of Singapore and between the Peninsula and Sumatra.' Article 12 thus precludes Rhio from becoming a British possession. Crawfurd further states that such an exclusion 'may prove a matter of some inconvenience to us [the British] as it in fact virtually amounts to a dismemberment of the principality of Johore and must thus be productive of some embarrassment and confusion.'
9 Oct 1824 - 4 Mar 1825
NAB 1673
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