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Foreign Secret Cons. 21 Aug 1819 No. 3-5  - Letter from the Governor General to T S Raffles, requesting for a report on the latter's progress of his mission to the Eastern islands in response to a letter from Van Capellen, Netherlandish Governor General at Batavia, alleging that Raffles has infringed upon the Dutch authority in concluding a treaty with Singapore 'one of the dependencies of the government of Malacca'. The Dutch are doubtful of the legitimacy of the treaty, accusing Raffles of having dethroned a prince, who succeeded the late Sultan Mohummud Shah conformably to the will of his father and the nation, and then declaring the Sultan's brother, Hussein Mohummud Shah, to be the Sultan of Singapore before concluding a treaty with him. It mentions that the Tumongong of Johor has also written to the Viceroy of Rioun to say that he 'was forced to the engagements' contracted with Raffles.
25 Mar 1819- 21 Aug 1819
NAB 1673
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