FCO 141/14533: Singapore. United States Information Services (USIS) activities in Singapore and the Federation of Malaya, Proposal for a field study in Malaya by the Bureau of Applied Social Research of Columbia University. Secret - Migrated Archives
Aims of the USIS World wide are to project the US and make plain and acceptable US foreign policy as well as to assist in the offensive campaign of truth against Communists Propaganda. Additionally in Malaya to assist in giving self government to the local people and to ensure that the people turn against Communism. However complaints by the Americans that these latter aims are not thoroughly understood in Singapore. Papers deal with the discussions on the activities of the USIS and the co-operation of US and British in the production of anti-Communist propaganda materials including films as well as tensions between the two security services. The US is concerned that the work of USIS in Malaya and Singapore is not effective and have suggested conducting a field study under the auspices of the Bureau of Applied Social Research to determine how the US objectives can be more effectively presented. Commissioner General believes that permission for this cannot be refused but that any recommendations made in a report should be discussed locally before they are put into operation. Correspondence and other papers relating to the planning of this study.
FCO 141/14533
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