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A-80: Airgram - Joint Weeka 32 - KL
Airgram from  Moore in Kuala Lumpur to Department of State - Joint Weeka 32 publication: Deputy Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak defends terms of agreement with Indonesia to end confrontation; Sabah and Sarawak leaders welcome elections to reaffirm people's desire to remain in Malaysia; Tun Razak announces Malaysian-Indonesian agreement to cooperate against border communists; Labour Party stages anti-American demonstrations; Malaysian delegation discusses communist border ambushes with Thais; Malaysian-Singapore currency negotiations break down; new Malayan Director of Operations to supervise troop replacement in East Malaysia; press discounts significance of Sukarno's speech and hails Malaysia-Indonesia agreement to end confrontation; press furore over police treatment of reporters subsides; negative communist response to Association of Southeast Asia (ASA) Foreign Minister's call for an Asian peace conference to end war in Vietnam lead to some increase in editorial support for American action in Vietnam.
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