Straits Settlements
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                                                     ( 111 )  No 7

To Lieut. L N Hull
     Acting Secretary to the Lieut. Governor
In reply to your letter under date the 28th ultimo, respecting the appointment by Government of a [Second?]  [ ] Chief of [] of the two classes of [Chuliah merchants] and labourers, I beg you will be pleased to acquaint the Hon'ble the Lieut. Governor, that a formal meeting was held on Monday, the 3rd instant, at the Residency Bungallow, also the following persons were solicited as eligible for [] men viz. -
Merchants :
Sunjee Chitty ............ Hindu native of Malacca
[??pillay] ...................   do.    native of the Coromandel
[Sayapoory] ..............   do.    native of Malacca

Labourers :
Mahomet Libor
Fartu Tyndall
Ibrahimlla Uah

The Mussulmans have also selected three men , that if compatible with the view of Government
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