FCO 141/15152: Singapore: control of cultural influences from the Chinese mainland. Secret - migrated archives
Papers from the Council of Ministers including legislation,  ordinances, memoranda, security reports, newspaper comments  and government press statements dealing with the measures taken to control imports of publications and films from Communist Countries, in particular China, and also with the organisation of the translation of Chinese publications. It was estimated that about 25,000 to 30,000 publications (books, pamphlets, newspapers, calendars, film, gramophone records etc.) were imported monthly from China and Hong Kong. Of particular concern were the Chinese newspapers who published two or three times a week, particularly the Yeh Ten Pao and the Yeh May, and a suggestion was made that consideration should be given to withdrawing their permit on the grounds that they devote a large part of their space to presenting news from the Chinese mainland. Other documents include lists of publishing houses and authors whose work should be prohibited.
FCO 141/15152
D2014060248, HD201404007
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