Straits Settlements
B8 Penang: Letters to London
Straits Settlements Record
Dec 1824 - May 1827
Penang: Letters to London consists of copies of the Governor- in- Council’s despatches to the Court of Directors in London. This series covers a range of subjects, including the general administrative matters of Singapore and Malacca. This volume covers the time period from Dec 1824 to May 1827.
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Transcribed by Leong Toh Ying Diane, Vandana Aggarwal, Lee Yuh Mei, Christabelle Ong Ning, Sammy Leo, Joelyn Alexandra, Sandy Wang, Charyl Shen, Heng Te Fu, Christie Cheah, Lee Khim, Chen Junwei Joshua, Tan Jacob, Tan Yi Lin Michelle, Ching Yee Lim, Ravi P, Scott Abel, Sumo See-Toh, Angeline Lee, Fong Poh San, Kazes Shirasu, Michelle Kan, Sandy Yeo, Valerie Yeo, Deniisha Chand, Jessie Ow, Neville Bernard Beston, Tham Li Hong and Jefferson Ng via the Citizen Archivist Portal.  The transcriptions provided are the best effort done by our volunteers through the Citizen Archivist Project (  We seek your understanding that there may be some errors and omissions.  Please alert us to such discrepancies so that we can continually improve the quality of our records.  We also welcome you to partner us to transcribe our records so that they can be beneficial to other users.
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