Transportation in Singapore

About Project

This project was initially titled The History of Air and Sea Transportation but later expanded to include land transportation as well. The interviews here detail the evolution of these forms of transportation in Singapore, and their relation to trade and business.

Some of them cover the changes in road conditions, vessel navigation, and search and rescue procedures over the years, the impact of technological advancements and surveillance, and the measures taken to prepare for terrorist attacks on public transportation. The collection also serves as a window into the lives of the individuals working in this industry, and even includes accounts of near death experiences on the job.

Interviewees include Mrs Sally Chan, who was part of the first batch of ground hostesses at Malayan Airway, Granville Joaquim Gross, who joined the Department of Civil Aviation and was sent to England for aircraft fire-fighting, and George Rengasamy, who was a Technical Parts Manager for the Singapore Airlines from 1972 to 1985.

Names of Interviewees in Transportation in Singapore