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About Project

The interviews here initially set out to document the development of English newspapers in Singapore, but later expanded to include vernacular ones as well. Through comprehensive dialogue with veteran journalists, illustrators, publishers and printers, this collection offers insight into the various aspects of print media, from workplace dynamics to the eventual production process of print publications.

Some of the topics covered include the technological changes in the printing process over the years, the issue of editorial freedom, as well as the impact of the organisational restructuring of press operations and management changes.

Interviewees include Sivadas s/o Sankaran, a reporter and sub-editor of The Straits Times, Margaret Thomas, who worked for Business Times and TODAY, and Palani Vijayakumar, who was a proof-reader at The Straits Times Press and also worked at the Singapore Printers’ Employee’s Union (SPEU).

Names of Interviewees in Print Media