Social Sector

About Project

Through interviews with social workers, counsellors, mediators, lecturers and volunteers from various organisations and different sectors of social service, this collection highlights the plight of different communities of people in Singapore, and provides an overall view of the progress of the provision of such services over the years.

Some of the talking points covered include the traits required of a social service professional, the different facets of mediation, the issue of managing recidivism, encounters with life or death situations, and the future for Singapore’s social service sector.

Interviewees include Indranee Nadisen, who joined the MCYS Fostering Scheme in 1976, Abdul Halim bin Kader, who was the president of the Taman Bacaan or Singapore Malay Youth Library Association and member of the National Crime Prevention Council, and Prof Yeoh Kian Hian, who headed the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation of Singapore in 2007.

Names of Interviewees in Social Sector