On 8 July 1945, Bose laid the foundation stone of the INA War Memorial at the Esplanade, Singapore to commemorate the “Unknown Warrior” of the INA. The words inscribed upon the War Memorial were the motto of the INA: Unity (Etihaad), Faith (Etmad) and Sacrifice (Kurbani).

Subhas Chandra Bose laying foundation stone of INA War Memorial, 8 July 1945.
Demolition of INA War Memorial by the British, 1945.


While paying homage to the martyrs of the INA, he said, “The future generations of Indians who will be born, not as slaves but as free men, because of your colossal sacrifice, will bless your names and proudly proclaim to the world that you, their forbears, fought and suffered reverses in the battle of Manipur, Assam and Burma. But through temporary failure you paved the way to ultimate success and glory.”

When the British returned to Singapore in 1945, Lord Mountbatten, Head of Southeast Asia Command, ordered the INA Memorial to be destroyed. In 1995, the site where the INA Memorial once stood was marked by the National Heritage Board.

INA Monument located at the Esplanade Park, Singapore, 1995.



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