Topographic Map
Singapore Topographical Map
Map shows whole island and its neighbouring small islands, contours, physical landscape, land use, road system, railway, districts, new towns, housing estates, hospitals, schools, universities, major attractions, aerial cable car, catchment areas, reservoirs, rivers, reclaimed lands, built-up areas, trigonometrical stations, areas under development, live firing areas, anchorages, sand banks, mud banks, corals, Bedok Reservoir, Woodlands, Jurong Industrial Estate, Public Utilities Board Catchment Areas, Changi Airport, Marina South, Marina Centre, Marina Bay, Mass Rapid Transit stations, the Causeway, Port Limit, Malaysia-Singapore international boundary, Singapore-Indonesia international boundary, and others
20140000103 - 0066_TM001081
SMU 075 Edition 4
Similar map in TM000986
Published by the Officer Commanding, Mapping Branch, Ministry of Defence, Singapore

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Singapore Topographical Map

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