Hydrographic Chart
Singapore And Indonesia. Main Strait And Selat Phillip
Chart serves as notices to mariners showing data on depths of water, clarity of water, sea charts, gas pipelines, oil pipeline, precautionary areas, cross traffic, direction of traffic flow, deep water route, fairways, spoil ground, reclaimed land (1999), Raffles Lighthouse, Pulau Pawai, Pulau Senang, Pulau Pemping Besar, Pulau Labon Besar, Kent Rocks, Raffles Shoal, Helen Mar Reef, Main Strait, Singapore Port Limits, and others
20120001552 - 0004
2598 WGS 84 Edition No. 4
Published at Taunton, UK 7th Sep 1990 under the superintendence of Rear Admiral J A L Myres, Hydrographer of the Navy.
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Singapore And Indonesia. Main Strait And Selat Phillip

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