Survey Map
Singapore Road Map. Singapore North East Sheet 2
Map showing buildings, schools, hospitals, community centres, cemeteries, rivers, reservoirs, Chong Pang, Yishun New Town, Kampong Wak Hassan, Chye Kay, Kampong Kitin, Kampong Pengkalan Kundor, Chip Thye Garden, Ang Mo Kio New Town, San Teng, Ah Soo Garden, Defu Industrial Estate, Hougang New Town, Fish Farming Estate, Kampong Punggol, Hun Yeang, Kampong Pasir Ris, Kampong Tampines, Tampines New Town, Kampong Wing Loong, Pulau Ubin, East Coast Parkway, Central Expressway, Pan-Island Expressway, and others. Inset: Pulau Tekong
20120001621 - 0009
SMU 1169 Sheet2 Edition 4 SMU
Ministry of Defence, Singapore

Compiled by Officer Commanding, Mapping Branch, Ministry of Defence, Singapore
Viewing permitted. Use and reproduction require written permission from copyright owner.
Seek permission from SLA for use and reproduction.
Old accession number: 6453

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Singapore Road Map. Singapore North East Sheet 2

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