Survey Map
Selangor, 1929
Map shows state boundary with Negri Sembilan, land use, districts, Mukims, names of places, agricultural and mining lands, forest reserves, Malay reserves, other reserves, roads, tracks, footpaths, railways, rivers, Kuala Lumpur, Klang, Kuala Langat and others
20050000687 - 0015
F.M.S. Surveys No. 36-1930 (2/2)
This map SP001401_2  is similar to  SP002059_2 but in different condition,  shows the bottom portion of the map which is in two parts. The top portion is SP001401_1, which is similar to map SP002059_1.
Surveyor-General, Federated Malay States (F.M.S.) and Straits Settlements (S.S.)
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Old accession number: 044_2

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Selangor, 1929

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