Topographic Map
Singapore: Bukit Timah
Map shows contours, physical landscape, buildings, bungalows, housing estates, railway line, pipeline, soap factory, cemeteries, Chinese temples, Tua Kang Lye Village, Singapore Turf Club Race Course, Botanic Gardens, University of Malaya, Singapore Gun Club, Royal Singapore Golf Course, Bukit Timah Firing Ground, Bukit Brown Chinese Cemetery, Binjai Park, Hock Seng Park, Hong Kong Park, Kilburn Estate, King Albert Park, Green Bus Depot, Bukit Timah Railway Station, Bukit Timah Road, Dunearn Road, Rifle Range Road, Jalan Gaharu, Yarwood Avenue, Hua Guan Avenue, Jalan Kampong Chantek, Swiss Club Road and others
20120001658 - 0005
L 905 Sheet 1 Bukit Timah Edition 1 GSGS
Published by D. Survey, War Office and Air Ministry.

Printed by 570 Map Reproduction Troop Royal Engineers, Far East
Viewing permitted. Use and reproduction require written permission from copyright owner.
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Singapore: Bukit Timah

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