Topographic Map
Malaya - Singapore and Johore Bahru
This 1947 topographical map of Singapore island is one of the rare few produced by Indian military surveyors following the return of the British to Singapore after the Japanese surrender.  The map’s distinctive color schemes, with areas of farmland marked in bright yellow, followed the survey of India standard colours.  Local food production was vital for the plans of returning British administrators to rehabilitate Singapore, which had suffered greatly during the occupation.
Map shows contours, physical landscape, forest reserves, vegetation, rubber plantations, coconut plantations, pineapple plantations, oil palm plantations, buildings, villages, airfields, reservoirs, rocky outcrops, sandbanks, quarries, swamps, main roads, railway connecting to the Causeway, and others
20140000105 - 0101_TM001116
HIND 1035 Sheet 3L/12 Fifth Edition
Survey Directorate, G.H.Q. South East Asia L.F.
Compiled and revised by 1 Ind. Fd. Survey Company R.I.E.. Reproduced by 65 Ind. Rep. Gp. R.I.E.
Viewing permitted. Use and reproduction only with permission.
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Malaya - Singapore and Johore Bahru

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