Topographic Map
Singapore. Tampines
Map shows Johore Strait, Serangoon Harbour, contours, physical landscape, trigonometrical stations, vegetation, sand banks, ponds, swamps, villages, schools, cemeteries, prohibited area_Seletar, Singapore Airport, Changi Prison, Singapore Engineering Limited, Crown land, Matilda Estate, Bukit Sembawang Estate, Tampines Estate, Kampong Loyang, Kampong Tampines, Kampong Pasir Ris, Kampong Sungei Blukar, Kampong Teban, Kampong Punggol, Kampong Pinang, Kampong Sireh, and others
20140000105 - 0093_TM001108
Sheet 3
Similar map in TM001090 but in different condition
Published by Director of Survey, War Office and Air Ministry on behalf of Chief Surveyor of Singapore

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Singapore. Tampines

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