Topographic Map
Singapore. Instrumental Plot - Holland
Map shows contours, buildings, bungalows, housing estates, community centre, railway line, ponds, tanks, Chinese Cemetery, Bin Tong Park, Leedon Park, Oei Tiong Ham Park, Queen Astrid Park, McMahon Park, Maryland Estate, Ban Guan Park, Ewart Park, Mount Sinai, Jalan Haji Alias, Coronation Road, Leedon Park, Jalan Lim Tai See, Sixth Avenue, Maryland Drive, Greenleaf Road, Holland Road, Mount Sinai Drive, Moonbeam Walk, and others
20080000023 - AccNo2353
Sheet I18 N.A.C.14/68 SDS446/68/PT1A
Produced by Fairey Surveys Ltd for the Government of Singapore.
Viewing permitted. Use and reproduction require written permission from copyright owner.
Seek permission from SLA for use and reproduction.
Old accession number: 2353

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Singapore. Instrumental Plot - Holland

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