Topographic Map
Singapore Improvement Trust - Kalang
Map covers Kalang and Geylang showing physical landscape, swamps, rivers, buildings, fruit trees, flower gardens, vegetable gardens, coconut plantations, rubber factories, blukar, Chinese temples, Hindu temples, mosques, cemeteries, pineapple factory, Kalang River, Kampong Kalang, Keramat Ganja Cemetery, Fire Stone, McAlister and Company Coal Depot, The Asiatic Petroleum Company, Standard Oil Company of New York, Huttenbach Brothers and Company Coal and Petroleum, Keat Bee Godown, Ho Hong Saw Mill, Tan Kah Kee and Company, Kalang Ice Works, Ice Works Lavender Street, Khiam Cheong and Company Iron Founders, Kwong Hing Cheong Saw Mill, Teck Choon and Company Saw Mill, Hiap Bee Saw Mill, Thye Thong and Company Rubber Works, Rangoon Road, Serangoon Road, Lavender Street, Kalang Road, and others
20050000971 - AccNo1731
Singapore Sheet Number 5_37
Survey Department, Singapore, Federated Malay States (F.M.S.) and Straits Settlements (S.S.)
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Old accession number: 1731

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Singapore Improvement Trust - Kalang

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