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Singapore Sheet No. 8: Mukim Number: XXVII Bedok, XXVIII Ulu Bedok, XXIII Paya Lebar, XXII Saranggong, XXX Teban, XXIX Tampines, XXXI Changi, XXI Punggol
Map covers Mukim XXX Teban, Mukim Number XXIX Tampines, Mukim Number XXXI Changi, Mukim Number XXI Punggol, Mukim Number XXII Saranggong, Mukim Number XXIII Paya Lebar, Mukim Number XXVII Bedok, and Ulu Bedok showing physical landscape, vegetable gardens, coconut plantations, rubber plantations, places of worship, swamps, Public Works Deparment Cooly Lines, Kampong Ayer Gemuruh, Kampong Tanah Merah Besar, Kampong Beting Kusah, Kampong Banjar, Kampong Tampines, Kampong Pasir Ris, Kampong Bahru, Kampong Teban, Yeo Tek Ho Estate, Thai Hin Estate, Bee Hoe Plantation, Bukit Sembawang Estate, Look Yan Kit Estate, Bugis Estate, Loh Lam Estate, Pulau Serangoon, Pulau Ubin, Pulau Sekudu, Wee Cheng Soon Quarry, Topham Jones and Railton Quarry, Municipal Quarry, Changi Road, Tanah Merah Besar Road, Wing Loong Road, Tampines Road, Punggol Road, and others
20050000971 - AccNo1711
Sheet Number 8.Federated Malay States Surveys Number 7_1924
Similar to D2019_000034_TNA and TM000059_4
Survey Department, Singapore, Surveyor-General, Federated Malay States (F.M.S.) and Straits Settlements (S.S.)
Viewing permitted. Use and reproduction require written permission from copyright owner.
Seek permission from SLA for use and reproduction.
Old accession number: 1711

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Singapore Sheet No. 8: Mukim Number: XXVII Bedok, XXVIII Ulu …

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