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Map of Pinang Island and Province Wellesley,1897
First section of this map covers North East District and South West District of Penang Island and Northern District of Province Wellesley, and part of its neighbouring state of Kedah, showing boundaries, physical landscape, names of places, towns, villages, rivers, reservoirs, forest reserves, swamps, harbour limits, roads, railway, trigonometrical stations, Bertam Estate, Malakoff Estate, Bukit To'Alang Estate, Prai Estate, Fort Cornwallis, George Town, Butterworth, North Channel, and others
20080000021 - AccNo2211_1
Top part of 2 maps GM000318 and GM000319
Surveyor-General, Straits Settlements (S.S.)

Photozincographed from original supplied by the Colonial Secretary,Singapore
Viewing permitted. Use and reproduction only with permission.
Old accession number: 2211_1
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Map of Pinang Island and Province Wellesley,1897

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