Survey Map
Map Of The Town And Environs Of Singapore
Coleman conducted the first topographical survey of Singapore in 1829, which was drawn and printed in 1836.

Map shows physical landscape, land use, roads, rivers, jungle, mangrove swamps, cleared land for sugar and cotton plantations, gambir plantations, pepper plantations, Chinese vegetable farms, sireh gardens, rice fields, brick kilns, fishing village, tombs of Malayan princes, buildings, churches, Bugis Village, Singapore River, Mount Sophia, Bukit Selegie, Pearls Hill, Government Hill, Sepoy Line, Tanjong Pagar Road, South Bridge Road, North Bridge Road, Bras Basah Road, Marlbro Street, Jalan Rochor, and others
20080000020 - AccNo2169
Similar map as SP006424 , TM00037and  SP003035_1 to  SP003035_4; but in different condition
Drawn by J.B. Tassin from an actual survey by G.D. Coleman
Viewing permitted. Use and reproduction only with permission.
Old accession number: 2169
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Map Of The Town And Environs Of Singapore

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