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Malaya's Neighbours
Malaya's Neighbours

Map covers Southeast Asia showing air and sea routes with distances, mostly radiating from Singapore to countries such as Burma, Siam, French-Indo China, China, Philippine Islands, Australia, Indonesia, Brunei, Sarawak and British North Borneo, and ports like Rangoon, Bangkok, Saigon, Hanoi, Hongkong, Manila, Jesselton, Kuching, Pontianak, Miri, Dawin, Batavia, Bandong, Palembang, Medan, Penang and others.
20050000689 - 0039_AccNo130
Federated Malay States Surveys No. 170_1938
Similar map in AM000006 but in different condition
Surveyor-General, Federated Malay States (F.M.S.) and Straits Settlements (S.S.)
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Old accession number: 130
Credit line: Singapore Land Authority collection, courtesy of National Archives of Singapore
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Malaya's Neighbours

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