Topographic Map
A Map Of The Malay Peninsula 1898
Map shows part of Siamese States (edged yellow) of Kedah or Sai Buri and Kelantan (presently States of Malaysia), and Federated Malay States, under British Protection (edged pink), of Perak, Selangor and Pahang, all bordered by undefined boundaries or with boundaries along rivers, British Territories (coloured light pink) of Pinang, Province Wellesley and Dindings, railways, proposed railways, cart roads, bridle roads and paths, rivers and streams, swamps, islands, gold and tin locations, highland shading, towns, kampongs, Krian River, Perak River, Kinta River, Bernam River, Klang River, Kuala Lumpur, Telok Anson, Ipoh, Kuala Kangsar, Port Weld, Thaiping (Taiping), George Town, Butterworth, and others
20050000698 - AccNo989_3
This is the middle left part of the map which is in six parts, namely Acc. Nos. TM000405_1, TM000405_2, TM000405_3, TM000405_4, TM000405_5 and TM000405_6
Similar map found in D2017_000065_2_NAN and D2018_000149_2_RGS
Compiled by and published for the Straits Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
Prepared and drawn by John van Cuylenburg
Published by Edward Stanford
Viewing permitted. Use and reproduction only with permission.
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A Map Of The Malay Peninsula 1898

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