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Map Of The Malay Peninsula 1891
Map covers part of eastern Malaya showing Trengganu, part of Kelantan, part of Pahang, coastline fronting (South) China Sea, islands, approximate state boundaries, tracks, place names, kampongs, rivers, streams, hill hachures, locations with tin or gold, "tin countries", Penjum with gold location, Gold Company at Raub, (London) Pahang Syndicate at a gold location, (Kuala) Trengganu, Pekan, Kota Glanggi (limestone caves), Gonong Tahan, Sungei Kuantan, Sungei Pahang, Sungei Jalai (Jelai), Sungei Tembeling, Sungei Telang, Sungei Lipis, Sungei Semantan, Sungei Bilut, Sungei Bentong, Sungei Kelantan, descriptions "Uninhabited (except by Jakuns)", "Inhabited by Sakai & Semang", "All the country above the S. Tembeling and west of the Pahang and Jelei Rivers from above Triang first explored by William Cameron, 1882" and others
20050000698 - AccNo987_4
This is the middle right part of the map which is in six parts, namely Acc. Nos. TM000402_1, TM000402_2, TM000402_3, TM000402_4, TM000402_5 and TM000402_6
Similar map found I'm D2018_000148_4_RGS
Published by The Straits Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, National Museum, Singapore, Stanford Geographical Establishment, 55 Charing Cross.
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Map Of The Malay Peninsula 1891

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