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1958 Master Plan - Town Map Sheet 2/210
1958 Master Plan:
Map covers areas Paterson Road/Orchard Road, Grange Road, Killiney Road, Irwell Bank Road, River Valley Road, North Boat Quay, New Bridge Road/Hill Street, South Bridge Road/North Bridge Road, Clemenceau Avenue, Kim Seng Road, Havelock Road, Fort Canning Road, Armenian Street/Queen Street, Waterloo Street, Bencoolen Street, Prinsep Street, Selegie Road/Serangoon Road. It shows Children's Aid Society's Home, Admiralty House off Grange Road, Chionh Ke Ru Park, Princess Margaret Estate, Kampong Bintang, Orchard Road Police Station, Under-Secretary's Bungalow, Colonial Secretary's Bungalow, Government House Domain, Orchard Road Market, Lothian House at Grange Road; Singapore Motors and Pavilion Theatre at Orchard Road, Sam Kiang Chinese School, Nanyang Academy at Saint Thomas Walk; Salvation Army Headquarters at Clemenceau Avenue, Registrar of Vehicles at Middle Road; Coca Cola Factory, Fraser and Neave, Saint Nicholas Flats and Institution Mansion along River Valley Road; Adrian Cane Factory, Pepsi Cola Factory and Ho Hong Oil Mills off Havelock Road; soap factory at Peng Sang Quay, Kian Guan Oil Mill at Hanson Road, oil mill at Robertson Quay, King George V Jubilee Park, aquarium, Old Cemetery and Lighthouse at Fort Canning, Singapore River,  Chinese and Muslim cemeteries.
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Part of set of 40 maps SP000437 to SP000462 and SP002268 to SP002281
Chief Surveyor, Singapore. Planning Department, Ministry of Law and National Development
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1958 Master Plan - Town Map Sheet 2/210

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