Topographic Map
Map of Singapore Town Showing Building Allotments and registered Numbers of Crown Leases
Map shows road reserves of Tanjong Pagar Road, Wallich Street, Telok Ayer Street, Amoy Street, Market Street, A' Almeida Street, De' Souza Street, Malacca Street, Church Street, China Street, Cross Street, Upper Cross Street, Chin Chew Street, Upper Chin Chew Street, Nankin Street, Upper Nankin Street, Hokien Street, Upper Hokien Street, Macoa (Pickering) Street, Upper Macao (Pickering) Street, Neil Road, South Bridge Road, Cantonment Road, Outram Road, New Bridge Road, Sago Street, Smith Street, Almeida (Temple) Street, Pagoda Street, Mosque Street, Havelock Road, Canal Road, Solomon Street and Kerr Street, proposed alignments (most falling in the sea yet to be reclaimed)) of Wallich Street, Cecil Street, Robinson Quay (Robinson Road), Anson Road, Mc Callum Street, Japan (Boon Tat) Street, Cross Street extention, and Market Street extention, hill hachures, Bukit Kramat, Mount Palmer Battery, Bukit Playcat, Cursetjee Hill, Mount Wallich, Scots Hill, Duxton Hill, Craig Hill, Bukit Pasah, Bukit Padre or Dickinson Hill, Pearls Hill, Mount Farquhar, Mount Carey, buildings, shophouses (not described), sub-division of land, lot boundaries, lot numbers, Singapore River and canals (not annotated), old coastline, Kampong Pungulu Kesang, Police Stations, Chinese burial grounds, Hindu temples, mosque, Tamil School, Malay Schools, Anglo-Chinese School, Commissariat Buildings, Ordinance Office, European Warders' Quarters, New Criminal (Outram) Prison, Whampoa's Bakery, rice mills, Stock Magazine, European Hospital, General Hospital, D' Souza's Pier and others.
2015HDR0001 - 0024_TM000038
This is a left portion of an incomplete map. Another portion which contains the title block is found in SP002984
Surveyor-General, Federated Malay States (F.M.S.) and Straits Settlements (S.S.)

His Excellency Sir Frederick A.Weld K.C.M.G. Governor of the Straits Settlement

Drawn by Thambo Peter
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Map of Singapore Town Showing Building Allotments and  …

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