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Map Showing Legislative Assembly electoral Division - Southern Islands, Singapore
Map shows district boundary, electoral division boundary, polling district boundary, divisions of Jurong, City and Southern Islands comprising of Pulau Damar Laut, Pulau Mesemut Laut, Pulau Mesemut Darat, Pulau Merlimau, Pulau Buaya, Pulau Pesek, Pulau Ayer Chawan, Pulau Meskol, Pulau Seraya, Pulau Seburus Dalam, Pulau Seburus Luar, Pulau Bakau, Pulau Sakra, Pulau Busing, Pulau Ular, Pulau Hantu, Pulau Bukum, Pulau Bukum Kechil, Pulau Samakau, Pulau Sakeng, Pulau Sebarok (Middle Island), Pulau Jong, Pulau Sudong, Pulau Pawai (Alligator Island), Pulau Berka, Pulau Senang (Barn Island), Pulau Biola (Rabbit Island), Pulau Satumu (Raffle's Light House), Pulau Brani, Pulau Blakang Mati, Pulau Terkukor, Pulau Sakijang Bendera (Saint John's Island), Pulau Subar Darat, Pulau Subar Laut (The Sisters), Pulau Tembakul (Peak Island), and Pulau Sakijang Pelepan (Lazarus Island), Main Strait, Selat Pandan and others.
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This is part of a set of 56 maps SP001039 to SP001094
Survey Department, Singapore
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Credit line: Singapore Land Authority collection, courtesy of National Archives of Singapore
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Map Showing Legislative Assembly electoral Division -  …

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