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Singapore. Plan of the Harbour and Roadstead
Plan of harbour and roadstead. Compiled from surveys made on the spot, by Captain Jekyll, RE and from local plans 1884'. Reference table to land acquired by the Colony for military purposes and to private and Crown lands requisitioned for. Compass indicator. Zincographed and printed at the School of Military Engineering, Chatham, under the directions of Captain S M Maycock and Colonel J B Edwards, 1885. Signed: Major H E McCallum, Royal Engineers, 15 June [18]91. Originally enclosed with despatch number 250 from Governor Sir C Smith, Straits Settlements, 15 June 1891.

From public record Office: Maps and plans extracted to rolled storage from various series of records. Straits Settlements: Singapore.
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MR 1/1143/3
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Singapore. Plan of the Harbour and Roadstead

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