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Malaya - Town Plan of Telok Anson
Malaya. Grid Provisional. Town Plan of Telok Anson
Shows physical landscape, land use, railways, roads, footpaths, buildings, rainforest, rubber plantation, palm plantation, Sungei Perak, Telok Anson, Jelawat, Kampong Pasir Bedamar, Jetties, Golf Course, Hospitals, Schools, Buildings, Clubs, Roman Catholic Church, Cinema, Empire Theatre, Police Station, Sawmills, Timber Yard, Government Rice Mill, Asiatic Petroleum Company, Rifle Range, Sungei Bidar, Kampong Durian Sebatang, Pulau Ketapang and others.  Inset map shows Bagan Daton, Lumut, Setiawan, Telok Anson, Batu Gajah and Cameron Highlands
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60010(1) c7334-09
Published by War Office, Second Edition in 1945
Geographical Section, General Staff, No. 4476 (Hind 1073)
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Malaya - Town Plan of Telok Anson

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