Survey Map
A General Plan of the Town and Environs of Singapore
Map shows contours, physical landscape, land use, roads, buildings, hospitals, jail, magazines, parade ground, mosques, Chinese temples, churches, markets, Portugese church, Almeida Jetty, Fort Fullerton, Town Hall, Commercial Square, Johnstone's Pier, Dalhousie Ghaut, Mount Palmer, Mount Palmer Battery, Mount Erskine, Masonic Hall, Sultan of Johore's residence, Singapore River, Rochore River, Kallang River, Race Course, and others
20080000141 - 0009_Acc._No._3808a_SP004422_1
SP004422_1 and SP004422_2 are similar maps but in different condition
Surveyor-Generals Office, Calcutta
Compiled by S Narayanen,Draftsman
On transfer paper by J. Musgrove and lithograph by H.M. Smith
Viewing permitted. Use and reproduction only with permission.
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A General Plan of the Town and Environs of Singapore

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