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Inside the Oral History Centre - Who We Are

Who We Are brings together the corporate videos produced by the Oral History Centre's (OHC). These videos provide insight into what oral history is about and the important work of OHC's professional interviewers and archivists in producing, documenting, preserving and curating the oral history collection. Get to know our Centre and team members through these videos!

Who We Are

Oral History Centre: Our Stories - All you have to do is listen
Recorded in 2020

At the Oral History Centre, Singapore’s stories are kept alive through oral history recordings. Generations of People from different walks of life have recounted their personal experiences in Singapore through the years. Meet four story keepers from the Oral History Centre – Patricia, Sheerin, Larry and Anna, who share more on how these intimate stories are captured and preserved by the centre. Since 1979, the Oral History Centre has collected over 6,000 interviews of more than 27,000 recording hours (as at early 2024). These span a wide range of topics, capturing the broad sweep of Singapore’s history, from politics and the public service to vanishing trades, the arts, broadcasting and medical services.

NLB Oral History - A Day in the Life of an Oral History Interviewer
Recorded in 2017

In this enactment video produced by the Oral History Centre (OHC), an oral history interviewer is depicted meticulously preparing for his interviews, showcasing the dedication and thoroughness required for capturing oral history. The video shows the interviewer reviewing and carefully crafting thoughtful interview questions, and setting up the recording space to ensure a comfortable and conducive environment for conversation. Open access interviews are also put online, so more people can listen and reflect on the interviewees' insightful life stories and rich experiences.

Oral History Centre: The Other Side of Them
Recorded in 2021

The Oral History Centre of the National Archives of Singapore presents The Other Side of Them, a showcase of four interviewees and their stories of resilience, determination and passion. The featured interviewees are:
1. Women’s rights activist Shirin Fozdar.
2. Malay dance pioneer and cultural medallion recipient Som Said.
3. World War 2 Sook Ching survivor Chan Cheng Yean.
4. National sprinter C. Kunalan.