DDB 43 Pt A Vol 4
Keep S'pore Clean, Green & Pollution Free
The 'Keep Singapore Clean' campaign is one of Singapore's oldest national campaigns.  It was launched on Oct 1st, 1968 by Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, 3 years after Singapore became independent. The campaign reached out to every strata of society and sought to impress upon Singaporeans the need to keep their environment clean.  It was part of a larger public cleansing plan that included changes in public health laws, relocation and licensing of itinerant hawkers, development of proper sewage systems and disease control.  The government believed that improved environmental conditions would not only enhance the quality of life for Singaporeans and cultivate national pride, but also attract foreign investors and tourists to Singapore.

Singapore's green efforts can be traced back to the late 1960s when the country was undergoing rapid industrialisation and urbanisation.  In 1968, during the 2nd reading of the Environmental Public Health Bill, it was stated that 'the improvement in the quality of our urban environment and the transformation of Singapore into a garden city - a clean and green city - is the declared objective of the government.'

Radio and TV Singapore gave its full support to this national campaign through
-  its news and current affairs coverage of key campaign events organised by ministries, statutory boards and private organisations, including speeches by the Minister of Health;
-  the production of documentary, variety programmes, forums / talk shows featuring campaign topics;
-  the broadcast of radio and TV slide announcements and filmlets with key campaign messages.

This file contains details on TV and radio programmes, interstitials and publicity for 'Keep S'pore Clean, Green & Pollution-free' Campaign. It also includes correspondence between RTS and the various ministries involved in the campaign. The documents filed included the following:

Ref pgs  213-223:  A Minute from the Ministry of Health to Controller (Central Production Unit /CPU)  of Broadcasting dated 24/9/70 on the different kinds of pollution faced and the hazards they presented - Air Pollution, Noise Pollution, Solid Water Pollution, Water Pollution, Smoking and Spitting.

Ref pgs 275 and 280:  This had a Listing of items produced by TV for Chs 5 and 8 in support of the Clean, Green and Gracious environment of Singapore.  

Ref pg 250:  A request from the Registrar Of Vehicles to RTS for TV coverage on their competitions  for the 'Cleanest Bus' and the 'Cleanest Taxi'.

Ref pg 57:  This concerned the clearing of Sungei Pang Sua organised by Bt Panjang CCCC on 3/10/71 where RTS' news coverage was being sought.  

Ref pg 52: Covered 'Tree Planting Day' on Nov 5, 1971. Four talks of about 8mins duration were to be on Radio's magazine series to mark the occasion. The talks were broadcast in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

Ref pg 28:  This was a minute dated 9/3/72 from then Ag Controller (TV) to DD (Broadcasting) captioned 'Anti-Mosquito Breeding Slides  / Filmlets.'  It informed that 3 new slides with their voice-over scripts were prepared for broadcast.

Ref pg 2 - Showed a list of Radio and TV news / current affairs programmes produced for Tree Planting Day 1973.  It had programme titles, names of speakers and telecast dates and times.
1970 - 1973
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