SWD 315-56
Training in the Children's Social Centres
File comprised a survey report, advice on improvements to Children's Social Centres and Training for Children's Centres and Cr�ches staff.
a) The report on "Survey of Primary School-age Children living around three Social Centres" 1956 was conducted by the Social Research Section, Social Welfare Department (SWD). The survey aimed to obtain information on:
- the type of schools the primary school-age children, aged 7 -12 years, were attending,
-the extent to which children, who were not at school, were attending the social centres,
-reason why children, although not at school, were not attending the social centres and
-whether the social centres were known to the population around them.
The three Social Centres were Mount Erskine, Malay Farm and Upper Serangoon.
b) An interim report by Mrs D.F. Atherton, who was seconded to advise on the improvements to Children's Social Centres in 1957, was extracted by the Ministry of Education for the SWD's information and action.
c) Various training courses were organised for staff from Children's Social Centres and Cr�ches. The file contained the course outline, training schedules, invitation to speakers, memos to trainees and attendance registers. A press release on the presentation of certificates to trainees who completed the In-Service Training Course for staff of Children's Centres and Cr�ches of the SWD (from 19 Oct 1963 to 29 Feb 1964) by Inche Othman Bin Wok, Minister for Social Affairs was enclosed.
Jul 1957 - Jun 1964
BU 1238
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