SWD 44 (SWD 44-46)
Singapore Welfare Child Feeding Scheme - Free Meals for Children
This file contained the notes of the Medical Sub-committee (of the Singapore Executive of the Malayan Welfare Council) meeting in 1945 concerning the inception of the feeding programme for school children and those below school age attending Welfare Clinics.  A write-up on "Free Feeding of Children in Schools and Welfare Clinics" detailed the origin of the scheme, expenses involved, the current position then and future undertakings.  Other enclosures recorded the schools /clinics where the Scheme was implemented, the Authorities responsible for the Scheme and the budget.  There were detailed descriptions of the children's diet and nutritional requirements and methods of supplying the meals.
The file recorded (Aug 1946) the formation of a Sub-committee to look into the feeding of children between 2 to 6 years of age.  A minute (Sep 1946) by Secretary of Social Welfare noted the deadlock faced by the Sub-committee as to which Department was responsible for this age group but acknowledged that in a "general sense the matter was a ' welfare' issue."
Nov 1945 - Sep 1946
MSA 0121
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