MMC 9-24-72
National Wages Council - Correspondence 1972
Note from transferring agency: The following file has been declassified. MOM has checked the file, and find that the file does not contain any explicit record that MOM’s powers under Part XII of the Employment Act have been invoked in obtaining the information. As such, the bar from publication or disclosure under section 102 of the Employment Act does not apply.

This file includes some of the key correspondence between Prof Lim Chong-Yah and the Ministry of Labour and the Economic Development Board on the setting up of a wage council and its impetus, as well as the appointment of the former as its Chairman.  It also includes memos with then Minister for Finance Hon Sui Sen on the introduction of a 13th month payment for the public sector in 1972 as an interim measure to close the gap between public and private sector wages, correspondence with the Prime Minister on the wage recommendations of the National Wages Council (NWC), the proposal for a full-time NWC secretariat, as well as submissions from the Singapore Employers' Federation regarding the offsetting of NWC wage increases from that agreed in the collective agreements or salary scales.

Also included is a letter from the Singapore Employers Federation (SEF) Banking Group to the Singapore Bank Employees' Union (SBEU) suggesting a new approach in their own wage negotiations given the "spirit of tripartism" at the national level, and to reach unanimity within the banking industry on the implementation of the NWC guidelines.
Jan 1971 - Dec 1972
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