MC 91-59
The crux of the contents is on the genesis of outdoor cultural shows (Aneka Ragam Raayat or ARR) and the weekly film shows at 13 community centres (CCs) and the 20 youth clubs (YC) organised by Ministry of Culture (MC); the latter with the help of Social Welfare Department.  

Information on the ARR was limited, apart from the rationale - to bring about a Malayan outlook in the people and engender patriotism, as a precursor to nationhood through the official policy of integration and appreciation of the cultures of the different peoples through their arts; with Government providing the facilities and encouragement. The first ARR was a Police Band performance, at the Botanic Gardens on 2 Aug 1959. MC also entertained individual requests for the ARR eg at Serangoon Garden Sports Club and Trafalgar Home. (A programme for the 1959 Singapore Arts Festival was used as reference for planning the cultural programme for the proposed ARR.)
Minister/Culture indicated that the weekly film shows should not be pure entertainment, they should edify too.  Thus both commercial films and documentaries were shown, at regular intervals at the venues, by MC, which was also responsible for sourcing the films.  The shows were preceded by educational talks, prepared by MC, and suitable persons would be invited to deliver them eg Assemblymen. Shaw Brothers donated $200k to the programme, and the donation was utilised mainly for the purchase of heavy/essential equipment eg vehicles and projectors. Representatives of the two ministries also suggested that 10 cents/entry be charged, to make the programme self- sustaining (but there was no indication in file if this was followed through)
Jul 1959 - Jun 1960
AR 005
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